Genderize Names In A Zapier Zap

Our API Is Now Available Through Zapier

Click the link above and start to use prebuilt Zapier Zaps or build your own Zap.

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Male, Female Zapier Zap

Use In "Only continue if"

Use our integration to build "Continue only if" conditions in Zapier.

Filters make sure Zaps in Zapier only perform actions on the items you want. They help you to set a specific condition, so the Zap only continues if the data from our integration meets that specific condition.

Zapier Gender

Set Up A "Conditionally run"

With Zapier's Paths tool, you can set up conditional workflows in Zapier.

With Paths you can have one automatic workflow carry out different tasks depending on the data our service provides.

For example, you can send different newsletters based on the gender of a customer.

Male, Female Zapier

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Zapier Zaps Gender